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You Must Not Let Them Horrify You


{Note 8/31/2020: I have been scared and sad about all the violent hateful people being so active and amplified. I just ran across this piece from 2017, and I feel it is even more apropos these days.}

[In 2017 I asked my guides about the fascist rallies in Charlottesville and the horrifying  photos of the marchers at night with torches, and here is what they said. I offer it up in the hopes that it is helpful.]

You must not let them horrify you. They are frightened themselves. This is their expression of the fear that lives in all humans: the fear that there is no place for them here. That they are being squeezed out. That their needs, once met without question or hesitation, will fall to the back of the line, if they even have a place in line any longer. They do not assess accurately what is happening. This is the pendulum swing. They are afraid of being knocked off the table altogether. They are afraid they are going to die.

You must recognize this before you can take right action. You must recognize that they are striking out on the basis of the shared fears of all humans; that their time has come and now they will die. That their home has become unlivable, that they will never find welcome again. In short, that they are becoming refugees.

Everything they say is unacceptable about immigrants is the projection of their own fears made manifest. They are not based in logic or actual facts, but by the deep and unshakeable knowing of how they, themselves, would and are reacting to being suddenly uprooted and found to be without a familiar home. What they have told you about refugees – lawless, violent, threats to a stable society – has been but a warning: this is how WE WILL BEHAVE.

So, you cannot respond accurately without understanding this. If you have concern in your heart for refugees and immigrants, you must find it in your hearts to make room for these concerns. Not to accept the threats and violence, not to turn the other cheek (necessarily) but to bring your own full humanity to the table and your heart and mind and creativity.

Bring what you know about otherness, fear, and outsiderhood. Bring the compassion you have for those who are displaced. Bring the empathy you hold, that no humans are at their best when they feel their lives are threatened. If you ever thought that the strong and violent reaction of people in another country to finding themselves occupied was justified, then bring that understanding to these times.

There is no going back. The wounds are lanced and oozing; cleansing and healing is a messy and awkward affair. This is the end times, in a way, for the perpetually downtrodden are figuring out they are in the majority, and they have allies, and things are never going to be the same.

This is the thrashing of the dragon’s tail in its death spasms. There are spikes on the end of the tail, and many people are going to get hurt. But things are never going to be the same.

Now is the time to bring all your know-how, all your survival skills, all your heart and integrity and energy to bear on this thing. You have been working towards this for generations.  The time is now. You will have to bear a heavy burden, for these are the end times of life as it has been lived, and nobody gets to be comfortable right now. But bear in mind the future you want to create, and remember that the frightened and angry people cannot just go away, or be made to see sense (aka see things from your perspective). Some of you will have to fight back physically, some with words, or music, or images. USE YOUR POWERS FOR GOOD.

We understand that you don’t necessarily want to envision a future with the scary, violent, angry, hateful people in it. But if you hold that vision, you are feeding their fear. You are giving them reason to fight back, to rail against the transformation of society. Where are you going to put them? What place is there for the hateful people – the ones you feel hate from (remember they have also the capacity for love) – in your new world? Are you going to banish them? Imprison them? Kill them? Make them go away, somewhere, somehow? Send them to their rooms without supper?

So, two things need to happen, and we understand these are not popular ideas. One is to understand their very human fears and not dismiss them. The other is to answer to their concerns. Not to accept the violence or the intimidation or world view. But answer the question they are asking – where will there be a place for me in this brave new world of yours? What about me? What about me? And when you have the answer to that question, you will know exactly how to proceed.

BlueStar and Counsel of Light

12 August 2017


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Picture of BlueStar and Counsel of Light

BlueStar and Counsel of Light

are the names of Ker Cleary’s spirit guides. They are two distinct groups of disembodied beings, here to help you (and Ker) make sense of this world of Life. They author these blog posts unless otherwise noted.

Picture of BlueStar and Counsel of Light

BlueStar and Counsel of Light

are the names of Ker Cleary’s spirit guides. They are two distinct groups of disembodied beings, here to help you (and Ker) make sense of this world of Life. They author these blog posts unless otherwise noted.

6 thoughts on “You Must Not Let Them Horrify You”

  1. Hi Ker,
    I think one thing to remember is that there are people who greatly benefit from division amongst citizens . The last time I spoke to the guides, a couple months ago, they encouraged me to express my truth as I’ve been writing poems/”raps” here and there for awhile now. My latest is entitled “Divide to Conquer-Who Benefits?”. I believe as long as we’re brainwashed to hate and fear one another, we don’t focus our attention on the elite, our “overlords,” who are the real benefactors of us “commoners” fighting and fearing one another. Who are the beings who stoke the fires of hatred? The entertainment overlords, in service to corporate overlords and their protectorate politicians, are the ones who dish out propaganda that creates fear amongst the poor, working class and middle class folks, fear of other poor, working class and middle class folks. Meanwhile the oligarch elite can stand back and feel “safe” because the bulk of attention is turned away from them. Here is the first verse of my poem: Propped up pundits with million dollar contracts from FOX News to CNN to MSNBC, Spew hatred and division o’er amber waves at you and me. From sea to shining sea we see and hear the same decree, “The other is thine enemy! Upon their death ye shall be free”! And who benefits from these messages? A handful of folks at the top…
    Just my two cents.
    Love, Lici

  2. I imagine an angry gun-toting zealot of today in the future i am creating, whose ailing grandmother is sustained by universal health care and whose child attends college without incurring crippling debt. The medical workers that help his cherished grandmother are brown and black-skinned immigrants speaking non-American accented English. The university classes their child attends have folks from all walks of life who respect each other’s stories and ideas. And the frightened gun toter receives job training in green energy technology and gets a Union job with health care and retirement benefits. There is definitely a place for everyone in this future where we hold each life equally deserving of kindness and support.

  3. Hi Ker, thanks for posting this. I’m interested in knowing what in the piece doesn’t sit well with you. Would you be open to sharing that?
    Love, Sheila

    1. I personally love the piece and find it very helpful. My hesitancy in posting it was simply not wanting to get slammed for suggesting including “the other side” as things have gotten so divisive in our country. That’s all.

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